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This Gluten Free Website continues to be accessed from around the world, the number of different countries opening our website is 158 (click on to countries). Currently the Ukraine is opening the website more than the UK!. Each month information is downloaded especially, from our extensive range of Recipes and sometimes just some facts about the Coeliac disease, or what we know and understand, of our bodies Immune System.

This amout of interest shows that the problems of Gluten intolerance, is a world-wide problem and we think that surely one day someone will find a solution? We all hope!

GF Lunch 15 May 2014

GFC meeting September 2014

Welcome To The Crawley Gluten Free Group’s Web Site

This freely developed web site, was opened in October 2007 and has now been seen by 158 different countries, so if this is your first viewing, please take your time, read how we commenced, what our Aims & Objectives are, download some of our many free, gluten-free recipes.

If you like what you see, then please, before you sign off send us a “Contact Us” message, we like to hear from you, from all over the world.
Don Tombs

The CGFG is based in Crawley, West Sussex, UK, this is a fairly large, relatively new town, about 5 minutes drive, South of London’s second largest Airport, Gatwick. And we are completely separate from Coeliac UK. we are not Doctors or here to give medical advice, but at our meetings the conditions, that our members suffer from, are often being discussed. We welcome all people, who medically suffer from an intolerance to Gluten, to participate in our meetings, (please see our Aims & Objectives). Our Group now has 150+ registered members.

We are not organised and driven by a Committee, with a President, Chairman, Secretary or Treasurer, we make our own decisions about where we are going, who we wish to invite, when to meet and report only to our local members. We do however have an Organiser and Volunteers, that’s how we progress and it seems to work!.

We now meet on the second Saturday of every month, apart from holiday times, in the town centre (see map and picture St. Pauls Methodist Church Hall). The Hall is on a bus route, so members with young children, or those without cars, can easily get there. The time and date of meeting was voted on and selected by the members and we produce a monthly event itinerary (see planned future events).

We don’t charge, we don’t get paid, nobody does, we are a charity run by complete volunteers, we do accept donations, these cover the hall hire, insurance and any sundry expenses, our Accounts are auditable through our monthly bank statements from Lloyds TSB Crawley.

The CGFG does not deal at a National Level, we instead focus on the creation of local awareness and improving the lives of our members. We are making a difference (see our testimonials), we continue to grow each month and we have only just started.

NHS Gluten Free Menus

See copies of the Gluten Free menus from the Surrey & Sussex NHS here. They could be useful when deciding about when to be in hospital.